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How To Get Anima

           To get Anima you must beat Yunalesca in Zanarkand. Once you are done you obtain the Airship. Talk to Cid and select Search. After that Press X at the Following coordinates... X: 11-16, Y: 57-63. Then you can select Baaj Temple from the select menu.


              Once there SAVE! You will be fighting a boss. Approach the water and Tidus jumps in. Now the hard part begins! You will only be able to use Tidus,Rikku and Wakka. Equip them all with stone-Petrifaction proof armor. If you don't have one then go back to the Airship talk to Rin buy a bunch of Soft's Then use Rikku to customize any armor to a Stone proof one. Then Get ready to battle! Tidus will look around nervously. Wakka stares and asks ''What's goin on?, somethin here?'' Tidus looks at him and replies. ''I almost got eaten by a Fiend here!, it payback time!'' Wakka looks at him and says ''Oh I get it!'' Then Tidus and Wakka High Five and you regain control. Swim over to the opening next to you (It's a green square on the map) and Then you battle the Skeletal Fish. Just whatever you do...DO NOT haste your party, he will suck you in and then copy your ability, Haste. Then he is unstoppable. Once you beat him go into the temple and enter to the room of the that is before the Fayth. Now you must have used all the destruction sphears in all the Temples and then used them to obtain all the hidden items...But, you cannot re-enter Bevelle. So if you did not get the item in Bevelle, simply return to Zanarkand and go to where you lit up the lights on the floor and this time find all the white squares. Once done you get a destruction Sphear enter it in the slot near the T. v in the second room, the T. v Blows up and you have opened an extra box in place of Bevelle's. Now return to Baaj Temple and claim Anima!

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