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Other Charaters


Seymour: Seymour is Jyscal and Anima's son and was very devoted to his mother. Following their banishment to Baaj Island, she was the only person he could trust and depend on. He loved her and couldn't bear the thought of her becoming a fayth for the Final Summoning, much less Sin. He carried her with him, in the form of an aeon, until his death.


Jyscal: Anima's husband and Seymour's father. After becoming the leader of the Guado people, conflict within the tribe regarding his marriage to a human woman and the birth of their halfbreed child forced him to banish them to Baaj Island. This action, which he regretted, was to prevent the tribe from splitting and, turning against him, endangering the lives of his family and himself.


Yuna: The summoner who received the power of the Dark Aeon and, defeating Yu Yevon, released Anima from the dream of the fayth. She is also Anima's daughter-in-law


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