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Appearance of Anima

woman: Before becoming a fayth, Anima was an elegant-looking woman with a slender build and pale complexion. She had a pretty, oval-shaped face with blue eyes, a full mouth, and a straight, sharp nose. Her straight black hair was worn without ornament: it was brushed backwards and reached down to her shoulderblades. Anima wore several necklaces made up of thin gold chains with gold, teardrop-shaped pieces interspaced along their lengths. She wore a long dress with a lapis blue bodice and sleeves and a pale blue skirt. The sleeves were bell-sleeves with gold details at the cuff. She wore delicate, blue slippers on her feet.

fayth: The appearance of Anima's fayth statue bridges what she was and what she became. Like the other fayth statues, only the back of the statue is visible. This image is made up of two layers: the upper, more visible layer, and the lower, background layer. In the upper layer, Anima is portrayed standing with her arms raised -- in the middle of the Yevon prayer gesture -- and shackled at the wrists. On either side of her are the blue "wings" present on her aeon. Two lengths of chain are wrapped around these wings, which binds them together at knee-level. Below this, where her feet would be, the lower, horned head is seen. The second layer is mostly obscured by the middle and lower half of the fayth statue, but, the upper half of the lower layer portrays the woman Anima wearing a crown and the shoulder pieces present on her aeon.  (see Picture Above)


aeon: Anima's aeon is truly a fearsome and disturbing sight. She is composed of an upper half, which is visible during normal and special attacks and a concealed lower half that is visible only during her overdrive. The upper half is humanoid, with two of her arms crossed over her chest with bandages and decorated with swirling, green tattoos. Her flesh is tough and a brownish color. Anima's head is a combination of a fish and a beast, with long tusks and fangs and powerful jaws. Her head is bandaged, covering one eye and lacing around the crest on the top of her head. The single visible eye is a pale, glassy blue. A second, small pair of arms reach out from the back of her neck and cross around her collarbone. These hands, human in appearance with greyish-purple skin, grip the ends of a necklace. The necklace is made of heavy, silver-colored chain with a golden pendant. The pendant bears the image of the human Anima. Dark, scaled epulets grow from her shoulders. A pair of ultramarine fringed wing-like appendages encase Anima's upper and lower halves. These wings are open at the two ends and chained together at her waist. The inside of these wings are red and are embossed with the symbol for Baaj Temple.

The lower half of Anima is also humanoid in apperance. Her lower half is also reversed: its back faces the same direction as the upper half's front and vice-versa. While dormant, only the lower half's back and long, grey-white hair is visible. However, when performing her overdrive, Anima's lower half uncurls and bends so that her head is facing forwards. Her head is mummy-like, with long, shaggy hair obscuring most of her face and twin tufts of hair terminating from her empty eye sockets. Her arms are chained at the wrists and her clawed hands are covered in gold rings. On either side of her head are branching ears/horns, from which beads hang. On top of her head is an organic crown made up of the same tissue as the crest on her upper half.


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