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History of Anima

Much of Anima's history is unknown. It is never stated in the game or in the various guides as to how old she was, where she came from, or even whether or not her name was Anima prior to becoming a fayth. What is known is sketchy at best.

Twenty-eight years prior to the events in Final Fantasy X, Anima gave birth to her and Jyscal's only child, Seymour. She was living in Guadosalam at that time. Three years later, her husband became the leader of the Guado and converted his people to the Yevon religion.

During the first five years of Jyscal's leadership, the Guados became caught up in an internal conflict. The source of the conflict, whether it was racial or religious, is not known. The conflict became so severe that the tribe threatened to split into two factions. In order to prevent the split and a civil war, Jyscal regretfully agreed to the terms of the protesting group: the banishment of Anima and Seymour to Baaj Island.

Anima lived on Baaj for only two years. At the end of this time, she and Seymour travelled to the ruins of Zanarkand. From the flashback seen at the fountain, Anima knew that she was going to die soon. What she was dying of is unknown. She came to Zanarkand in order to become a fayth. More specifically, she sought to become the Fayth of the Final Summoning. She was desperate to give him the power to survive on his own -- he was only ten years old at the time of her death -- and to give him a means of gaining acceptance by the people of Spira.

It is not known how a dying woman and her ten year old child were able to get through to Yunalesca's heavily-guarded chambers, but Anima was transformed into Seymour's Final Aeon, Anima. Terrified, Seymour refused Anima as his Final Aeon and fled back to Baaj. However, from the information provided in the game, Seymour did accept her power as a normal aeon, as it is stated that he became a summoner as a child. This combination of power and solitude proved too much for the young summoner and he grew unstable.

Fifteen years later, Seymour returned to Baaj to receive Anima as his Final Aeon. Her fayth statue was transferred to Baaj Temple, now in ruins, and sealed. Now possessing the immense power of a Final Aeon, he became more corrupt and power hungry. Three years later, in the city of Luca, he had fiends released into the stadium and summoned Anima as a show of might. Anima was later defeated in Macalania Temple along with Seymour and is never summoned again by her now-unsent son.

After their own journey to Zanarkand, Yuna and her guardians travelled to Baaj Temple and unlocked the seal to Anima's fayth statue. It had now been eighteen years since Anima became a fayth, during which time she saw her child grow into a hate-driven madman. She felt great regret for the wrongs committed against Seymour, especially those that she had unintentionally caused. She sought a way to ease her son's suffering somehow and, in doing so, gain pardon for her own actions. In offering her power to Yuna, Anima had only one request: destroy Sin and Seymour's obsession with Sin.

In defeating its source, the being that had once been the summoner Yu Yevon, Sin was destroyed forever. However, in order to defeat Yu Yevon, each of the aeons needed to be possessed by Yevon and slain. In this final act, Anima found atonement.

Information Obtained From Chthonic Mother.

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